Martial Arts upgrade adults fitness in a Unique way

Adults and Martial Arts

Adult martial arts program consists of many facets. Some of them include a serious pursuit of proper technique and form, an additional focus on fitness, self-defense and much more.

Kick your way to fitness
Taekwondo has a very strong emphasis on using the legs and kicking. Like other traditional martial arts such as Karate, we also use our hands, elbow, knees, etc. However, we place a particular importance on kicking. And as such we have a high regard for physical fitness.

We do many core training exercises and lots of cardio workouts to increase our student’s ability to kick high and with power. Continue reading

Quick overview about some gym exersices

Weightlifting-      Weightlifting is a sport that contests the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  This is the sport that is in the Olympics and is sometimes called Olympic lifting.  Each lifter gets three attempts at both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk to achieve a maximum lift.  The winner of the various weight classes is determined by the sum of the two max lifts.  Only people who compete in the sport of weightlifting can be called weightlifters.

Weightlifting is an excellent to build strength of core muscles and loose weight for women. If you relying only on cardio for getting slim then you won’t get the expected results. However if you mix it up with weightlifting then the results can be quickly visible. Personal trainers in your city will surely suggest the same program for weight loss for females as well as males. In my own experience the results were better in people in the age group of 25-40 years.

Power Lifting-     Power Lifting is a sport that contests three lifts; the Squat, Bench Press and Dead Lift.   Again, contestants are divided into weight classes and each lifter gets three attempts at each lift to determine a max for each.  The winner is decided by who has the highest total for all three.  Power lifters compete in Power Lifting.

Bodybuilding-      Bodybuilding is a sport where contestants are judged on muscular appearance.  Bodybuilders train for muscular hypertrophy and low body fat so the muscles can be displayed.  Only people who participate in the sport of Bodybuilding can be called bodybuilders. Continue reading

What Goes Around Comes Around

As you may have heard the coolest and newest things in weight training are the Kettle Bell and the Indian club.  The only problem is they may be about the oldest things in weight training.

Resistance training began in India over 500 years ago.  Wrestlers would perform numerous deep knee bends (what we call squats) to build leg strength and twirl and swing a short weighted stick called a Nal to build up arm strength.  The Nal was used in pairs like a dumbbell and has since been referred to as an Indian club. Continue reading

In your busy schedule Bariatric physician help to achieve your dream figure

Dieting is one more mountain to climb… higher… and yet, today you may need a little more oxygen and a helpful push to get to the top. The support you want consists of the most advanced information and technology from the most trusted source – a bariatric physician (a physician who specializes in weight loss), along with your bariatric team (experts in nutrition and exercise).
Remember when losing a few unwanted pounds was as easy as playing a couple games of basketball at the gym? Or maybe it was flag football at the park or racquetball with a buddy. Your metabolism was high, you could run on all eight cylinders and losing weight was a snap! You could eat anything and keeping track of calories wasn’t in your schedule.

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Our motive is provide you advanced and best strategy

With the unqiue combination of Cardio, Ab work, Strength Training and our Anaerobic Finishers you are GUARNTEED to  BURN 500-1000 calories in 55 minutes. Using Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension training, Rope Training and YOU, you will BURN MORE FAT, TONE & BUILD     MUSCLE, IMPROVE YOUR CORE and CARDIOVASULAR SYSTEM for optimal performance in everyday activies, reduce health risk, and feel and look great! Take your time
We use progressive calisthenics, which is a way of gradually learning how to do more advanced movements, kettlebells, gymnastics, yoga and pilates to make you well-rounded. Continue reading