Our motive is provide you advanced and best strategy

With the unqiue combination of Cardio, Ab work, Strength Training and our Anaerobic Finishers you are GUARNTEED to  BURN 500-1000 calories in 55 minutes. Using Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension training, Rope Training and YOU, you will BURN MORE FAT, TONE & BUILD     MUSCLE, IMPROVE YOUR CORE and CARDIOVASULAR SYSTEM for optimal performance in everyday activies, reduce health risk, and feel and look great! Take your time
We use progressive calisthenics, which is a way of gradually learning how to do more advanced movements, kettlebells, gymnastics, yoga and pilates to make you well-rounded.
Each session the group will start by performing their individual workouts, followed by a group Workout of the Day (WOD), and we finish up with some individual joint mobility and flexibility training.
Every exercise is scaled to that persons abilities. There are ways of making any exercise easier or more difficult to suit that person. But over time you will progress to exercises like handstand pushups, pullups, muscle ups, single leg squats and other advanced exercises.
You can expect to lose between 2 and 3 pounds a week with a proper nutrition plan

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