New Year, Different (Approach to) You


New Year, Different (Approach to) You
New Year, Different (Approach to) You

Every year, on this day and the days leading up to it, all the social networks are flooded with pledges from many people that most, if not all things in their lives will change. They vow to lose weight, to free themselves from toxic relationships, to save money, to get organized and a host of other things. We start out with the very best of intentions. We put that thing on paper. We put that paper where we can see it. We create constant reminders of what we intend to change, get rid of, and/or gain. The unfortunate truth is that in the large majority of cases, we fail at keeping those resolutions. Some of us fail miserably. Perhaps, with a different approach from the beginning, things will turn out for the better.

Resolutions do not have to be “all-or-nothing”. A common mistake that many people make is that they assume that a new approach to eating, for example, means cutting all things bad for you, all at once. A different approach might be to cut sugar out gradually. Eliminate soda (or pop, as it may be) a few at a time. If you resolve to increase your reading, create a reading list and allow yourself to become a part of the book. Want to save money? Don’t resolve to save a whole half of your paycheck, which may put you deeper in the hole; set aside a few dollars every week, increasing that amount at you go along.

Also, the new year doesn’t necessarily have to start on January 1st. Your new year can begin any day of the year that you deem necessary. Maybe you can’t begin that new workout regimen in January. February, March or whatever month is good for you, is GOOD for you. Any month you can get that thing going will be the perfect time for you. It will begin your new year. Regardless of the month you choose to begin work on the project that is you, remember to pace yourself and the progress will come.

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