Martial Arts upgrade adults fitness in a Unique way

Adults and Martial Arts

Adult martial arts program consists of many facets. Some of them include a serious pursuit of proper technique and form, an additional focus on fitness, self-defense and much more.

Kick your way to fitness
Taekwondo has a very strong emphasis on using the legs and kicking. Like other traditional martial arts such as Karate, we also use our hands, elbow, knees, etc. However, we place a particular importance on kicking. And as such we have a high regard for physical fitness.

We do many core training exercises and lots of cardio workouts to increase our student’s ability to kick high and with power.

Self Defense
The world is a very dangerous place. Statistics show that violence is on the rise, especially toward women. Our school promotes and teaches real-world self defense strategies that allow you to protect yourself in a hostile situation.

Even after the first class, you will learn skills that you can use that day to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our instructors are certified in a number of self-defense systems.

Weapons Training
Our style of Taekwondo employs the learning and use of a number of different traditional weapons such as the stick or escrima, bo staff, nunchaku and the sword. Advanced weapons include the kama and 3-segment staff.

Since WanJeonHan Taekwondo means “complete”, we believe learning the weapons enables our students to be more well-rounded martial artists.

Traditional Martial Arts
There is nothing better for kids than traditional martial arts training. It has all the benefits of organized sports without any yelling parents, negativity and potential injury. Students learn teamwork as well as doing for themselves and achieving results based on hard work.

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