Colours and Contours: Busting Through the Plus Size Myths

Black Dress
Busting Through the Plus Size Myths

One of the most enduring fashion myths that has plagued plus size women for decades is the completely misleading advice ‘black makes you appear slimmer’. First of all, it doesn’t, it makes you look washed out and dull, so unless you’re a Goth or an avid funeral attendee, it’s time to ditch the black and introduce some colour into your clothing. If your personality is bright and bubbly with just the right amount of crazy, then your wardrobe should reflect that, and bigger girls should never hide behind neutral colours and baggy shapes that only make them appear larger than they are. If you’re ready for a fashion overhaul, the following guide will help you select the best shades to maximize your features, and stand out from the black crowd.

The Perfect Shade

Whilst a black dress would certainly appear more slimming than a fire engine red version, that doesn’t mean that black is always the best option. Deep jewel tones in emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst will have a much more slimming effect, and can be used to accentuate different eye colours and skin tones. Colour blocking is also a fabulous option for larger ladies, as it can be used to bring attention to the parts of the body you want to highlight such as an ample bosom or voluptuous rear. Try combining an electric blue low-cut top with a pair of tailored black trousers for an instantly sexy look, or pull on some shocking pink jeans and team them with an elegant, flowing white shirt for a fun and flirty look.

Mix It Up

When combining more than one colour, it’s a good idea to choose an accessory such as a scarf or bag in a contrasting shade. Layering many colours on top of each other will have you looking like a traffic light, so stick to a single statement piece when experimenting with contrasting shades. Prints and patterns can also look fantastic on top of a bright colour, but opt for delicate, soft patterns, as opposed to chunky stripes or giant polka dots.

Some Things Are Never a Good Idea

No matter how much we miss the 80s, it’s not coming back and neither is its disturbing neon legacy. Fluorescent clothing received a brief revival last summer, but thankfully the trend died quietly before it managed to take hold. Whilst expressing yourself is always a good thing, some shades should be left to the professionals, and even they have a tough time pulling off yellow spandex. Avoid all forms of clothing that can still be seen when the lights are switched off, and any form of shiny metallic fabric and anything wet-look.

As long as you follow the aforementioned tips, you will have a wardrobe to be proud of that represents your personality in all its quirky glory. Many fuller figured women are wary of bright colours thanks to the fashion industry’s misguided advice, but there is absolutely no reason why every woman can’t wear any colour she wants, and look fabulous while doing so.

Tom Grant is a fashion aficionado. He enjoys sharing his insights on how every woman can look and feel her best. You can find the latest dresses, blouses, knit wear, trousers, jackets and even more.

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