Chic style: Biker jacket

Biker jacket
Biker jacket

Imagine riding a Harley Davidson through a winding road on a hill and the fresh forest air sweeps through your hair. You exude…Swagger? Check. Personality? Check. Rebelliousness? Oh yes, Check. There is something intriguing about a biker strutting his or her Biker jacket that sets the ‘coolness’ factor to a whole different level. No wonder the rest of the world and especially the fashion world has taken to embracing their style.

Biker jackets; the case in point are so popular and can be considered as a timeless garment to have in your closet. It instantly creates a chic, rebellious and modern twist to a simple outfit. Like every biker has a ‘road name’, each one of us needs to have a biker jacket that is unique and well fitted. And yes, even if we don’t own a bike, we can certainly pull off wearing a biker jacket if done so correctly.

Colors: The most authentic and perhaps, easiest color to choose is black. It flatters all skin tones and provides a slimming effect. But, there are browns, pale pinks and blues if you like to mix things up a little. Dual toned jackets (grey and black) are also available.

Material: Leather would be the number one choice for most people, especially if the investment is long term. However, if you prefer to go the vegan lifestyle route, there are so many ‘faux’ leather options to choose from. ‘Moto’ jackets or biker jackets have transitioned into cotton and denim for use in warmer months as well.

Length: Cropped, waist-length or tunic lengths are some options to play with. It is all about balancing the proportion of the outfit. Cropped lengths look great with flowy skirts or dresses and waist-lengths look good with most jeans’ styles. Tunic lengths balance out skinny jeans or leggings to keep the outfit compelling.

Pairings: Biker jackets work mainly to take an outfit up a notch when you want to add an interesting element to your outfit. A floral dress can be teamed with the rugged jacket to bring about a paradox. A Simple jeans and tee outfit can be made very stylish with a biker jacket and matching (or not matching) boots.

You may draw inspiration from actual bikers or scout for pictures of your favorite celebs.

The choices to pair biker jackets are endless. Whichever way you wear it, you would portray a fabulous, tough and a stand-out style that has everyone’s eyes on you.

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