5 Natural Ways To Cure Dry Skin On Hands

Cure Dry Skin
5 Natural Ways To Cure Dry Skin On Hands

Me and family live in a hotter climate and for us dry hands are a chronic problem that we have to address with great care. Out of the 4, my husband is the one who is most sensitive to this climate and that is why he always develops more patchy areas on her knuckles and palms and also has splits on his skin around the fingernails. However, we recently found out about several ways to deal with these problems and if you also live like us in a hotter climate area, in the following text we’re going to take a closer look at the natural ways to handle dry skin on hands.

1. Drink more water

First of all it’s very important that you’ll consider drinking more water. I bet you didn’t know that human skin is 44 percent water, but now that you’re aware of that, you might want to consider drinking a few more glasses of water per day to ameliorate and prevent the dryness of your skin.

2. Natural soaps

Use natural soaps with moisturizers for washing your hands. You very well know that for around 2 to 3 decades now, the United States has been obsessed with hand washing. Even though washing hands is great, because it will slow down the spreading of germs, you don’t really need to consider it every thirty minutes. Many people also use antibacterial soap and this means that your hands will be stripped from the natural body oils that ensure your hands are soft. However, you can eliminate dryness and restore these natural oils by making use of natural soaps with moisturizers.

3. Wearing gloves

Wearing gloves is also recommended for a healthy skin. That is why you should wear them when cleaning your home and also when washing dishes. On top of that, if outside is windy, wet or cold, you may also want to consider wearing gloves. Also, wearing gloves can help if you have more serious health issues with hands like cellulitis, psoriasis, etc.

4. Lukewarm water

For hand washing and bathing, it’s best to use lukewarm water. We all love to take a great hot bath in the colder seasons, but this will also pull the moisture out of our skin. But there’s a great way to stop this from happening and that is by washing your hands with lukewarm water.

5. No more hand sanitizers

Last but not least, you should stop using hand sanitizers all together. Yes, no one says that they are not convenient, but they should not replace the simple hand washing with soap. If you go for a quality soap, then it will maintain your skin’s natural moisturizing levels and also balance the natural oils in the skin. On the other hand, when you’re using a hand sanitizer, you’ll just manage to strip out the oils from your skin.

As you can see, these are the top 5 natural ways to cure dry skin on hands you can consider if you really want to have a healthy skin regardless in what climate area you’re living in. Enjoy the feeling of a soft and moisturized skin you can have all year long no matter the weather.

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